Here at Direct FSA we have partnered with Optikal Care Inc. to bring you the best contact lense products on the market. Optikal is a contact lens subscription that breaks down the cost of a year's supply contacts and contact care supplies into easy monthly payments; while delivering everything you need to your doorstep. Plus now we even offer a free online vision test to renew your prescription from home. Sign up today and get 15% off your first order when you use promocode DirectFSA15%. More about the brand below!
We know that ordering contacts and making sure you have enough contact solution isn’t exactly fun, but for a lot of us, it’s just part of adulting.
Our eyes are extremely important, yet it can seem like such a chore to take care of them properly, especially when here are a million other things to think about. Plus it's gets so irritating to have to drop hundreds of dollars every 3 months of contacts...we feel your pain.
And that’s why we started Optikal.
Because you need affordable and convenient contacts + supplies delivered at just the right time.
We’re making #adulting just a little bit easier.
With Optikal, you get all of your contact care items delivered on a set schedule.

No more last minute trips to the store for solution.
No more frantic, last-minute orders for more contacts.
No more overwearing your contacts.
It’s time for a little #adulting and we’ll walk you through each step.