Rhinase Allergy relief Nasal Gel




  • POOL DRYNESS FROM SWIMMING?: Multiple nasal moisturizers keep your nose from drying out
  • DUAL SALT FORMULATION: Contains both sodium and potassium to help naturally moisturize the nasal passages
  • STEROID FREE: This nonsteroid nasal gel is a great steroid nasal spray alternative; No dryness or other negative effects of steroids; Safe for children
  • NO UNNECESSARY INGREDIENTS: No aloe, dyes or fragrances; Lower risk of an allergic reaction
  • PROPER PH BALANCE: pH balanced at 6.2; Won't interfere with the effectiveness of steroids being used or cause nasal stinging or nosebleeds

Details: No Unnecessary Ingredients. Just Results.
Rhinase Lubricating Nasal Gel is ideal for long-lasting symptom relief as a result of dryness from allergy, low humidity, nosebleeds, and stuffy nose. Only Rhinase is formulated with dual wetting agents and dual salts at the pH ideal for the nose. No steroids, no fragrances, no aloe and no stinging.

Rhinase is a formulated product that contains wetting agents and both sodium and potassium salts. Your body uses the sodium-potassium pump to naturally moisturize your cells and keep your nasal passages well-hydrated. Only Rhinase provides both salts needed to work with your body's natural moisturizing process.

Keep Nosebleeds at Bay
Nosebleeds can start spontaneously when your nasal membranes dry out and crack. This is especially common in dry climates, or during the winter months when the air is dry and warm from household heaters.

Rhinase contains two wetting agents to help disperse the hypotonic dual salt and wetting agent solution throughout the nasal mucosa. This helps the cells in your nose retain moisture, preventing evaporation and nosebleeds!

Give Your Nose the Relief it Needs
Rhinase nasal gel moisturizers are more than just "thick salt" preparations. With two salts and two moisturizers, Rhinase goes above and beyond to help relieve your nasal dryness symptoms. Order yours today and relieve your allergy symptoms so you can breathe better!


  • Brand: Rhinase
  • Color: Clear
  • Publisher: Profounda, Inc.
  • UPC: 369051201010
  • EAN: 369051201010
  • Package Dimensions: 6.0 x 2.5 x 1.8 inches

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